Themes for Fancy Dress Parties

Themes for Fancy Dress Parties


From couples fancy dress to Mexican and anything and everything!


You can have a Alice in Wonderland fancy dress, which provides you more options than you would think, there are the main characters such as Alice and of course Mad Hatter but then there are tweedledum and Tweedledee as well as the white rabbit!


Ancient Party dress theme, and this can be anything that’s ancient or really old! Ancient Greece or Rome, Egypt and even the Stone Age! You can choose the era you want yourself and your friends to relive. 


Having a Animal Fancy Dress Party is always a good theme as it gives people a lot of room for different ideas for costumes, it also gives the ‘dull’ ones the opportunity to just draw on some whiskers and even wear a cat ear headband. While you can get some who’d show up in a full monkey or bunny costume!


All Around the World Fancy dress theme is the one that can be a bit on the edge, but can be loads of fun! Choose to be a leprechaun or a potato if you’re representing Ireland, a sheep for Wales, garlic necklace and a beret for the French or for the extremists, a shark attack victim for the Aussies! Just remember that it’s all for fun!


The most popular fancy dress theme especially during Halloween is the Back from the Dead and you can literally go crazy on this! Vampires, Monsters, Werewolves, Zombies and all sorts of fantastical monsters and beasts!


Cowboys and Indian Fancy Dress is another classic theme which has been around for centuries upon centuries and will never get old. 


Decades can be the best choice and can leave your imagination running to choose all sorts of things, you can choose to go into the 20s and have a Gatsby Themed party or pick between the 20s till the 90s! All you have to do is pick an era and relive the era!


The most popular theme has to be the Disney Party Theme! The choices are endless as you can go from Mickey Mouse to Elsa or literally anything, there are so many movies to pick from; The world is yours!


Fairytale fancy dress is another and this can link to the Disney party theme, this is dominated by princess’ costume and princess themes, choose from the classic Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse!


We have many more to choose from, browse through our extensive range or pop in store and one of our sales assistant will show you all of the costumes and accessories that’ll suit your needs!


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