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Keeping your children safe

Keeping your children safe

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The Smiffys approach

Going above and beyond

Smiffys dedicated in-house team ensure that all of our children’s costumes (and certain accessories) are manufactured and rigorously tested to comply with both EN71 regulations AND Nightwear (Safety) Standards. This ensures the absolute highest safety standards and reassurance that our children’s costumes are safe and fit for purpose.

Smiffys take pride that all Smiffys children’s costumes are:

  • Labelled "Warning. Keep away from fire" irrespective of the burn rate within the EN71 regulatory limit
  • Labelled with the CE mark as a declaration that the product meets the European Toy Safety Directive (2009/48/EC), and has undergone a variety of product tests to ensure that it is safe for use
  • Tested to Nightwear (Safety) Standards as an additional safety measure
  • Every product line is quality controlled throughout development and at production stage. Additional spot checks are performed as a surveillance measure, to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained.

Every production run is batch tested and verified as compliant at source and our safety certificates are continually updated. Costumes are therefore subject to safety checks before, during and after production. 


Be in the know

Regulations of children’s costumes

Children's costumes are regulated and must comply with EN71. This is a Europe-wide standard which tests for flammability, choking and strangulation hazards, as well as toxicity. This strict criteria does not apply to everyday children's clothing (with the exception of some nightwear).

  • Children's clothing can catch fire and burn when exposed to fire and naked flames, and some manufacturers only voluntarily add 'Keep away from fire' warnings.
  • Children's costumes must comply with EN71 Toy Directive. This is a Europe-wide standard which tests for small parts and sharp edges (choking and strangulation prevention), flammability and toxicity.
  • The flammability testing for EN71 measures the 'rate of flame spread' on fabric and complete costumes, and how quickly the flame extinguishes.


Be aware

Making informed choices with children’s costumes

Other manufacturers may not be as vigilant about safety as we are. By cutting corners to save cost; they may not be prepared to invest in safety procedures and testing standards.

What to look for

Safety checks for parents

  • The packaging, or any accompanying leaflet, should contain specific parental or flammability warnings, safety symbols and instructions for use, etc
  • Costumes should be permanently labelled with the CE mark and relevant fire warnings
  • Check the CE marking hasn't been faked, check the correct logo has been used, particularly the middle line of the E as it should be shorter
  • The label or packaging should contain the manufacturers name, address, postcode or phone number and a registered trademark

Don't be deceived by cheap, counterfeit Smiffys branded products, online or in-store. These items will not have undergone the rigorous safety checks or stand up to the safety standards Smiffys employs as a responsible manufacturer.




Very helpful, I purchase a lot of costumes for my children and I am glad that I can buy from here knowing that it'll be safe for my children
Comment by Sharon on 6th February 2018

Great blog thank you for sharing!
Comment by Sam on 20th January 2018

Thank you for the advice i am so happy that i can buy products from you and know that my children are safe, as this has always been a worry.

Will continue to buy from you..
Comment by Shannon Paige on 20th January 2018

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