How to spice up Easter for children?

How to spice up Easter for children?

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“Once upon a time, there was a King who had a very powerful magician at his court. One day, the magicians gave the King a hen that laid beautiful eggs for a present. The King liked the eggs but he was greedy and told his magician that he would like the hen better, if she could lay eggs of gold. So the magician worked another magic spell and sure enough the hen started laying eggs go gold.


The kind was delighted. He became very rich and the envy of the other kings. He kept his special hen I’m a golden cage next to his throne. He knew that someday, someone would try to steal his hen, whenever visitors came, he would have his magician come and hide the special hen and substitute an ordinary hen in the cage.


Sure enough, one day someone ran off with the hen in the golden cage. The king was glad he had his magician switch the hens, he sent word for the magician to bring back his hen. But the next day, when the King looked in his golden cage, all he found was a white rabbit. ‘Whats this!’ Said the King. ‘Little rabbit, how did you get in here?’ The King opened the cage and has his footman take the rabbit back out to the woods where he belonged. Then he called for his magician.


‘Where is my magic hen?’, asked the King. ‘I told you to bring her back.’ Said the King. ‘I did bring her back, I just didn’t have time to change her back into a hen!’ Exclaimed the magician.

They never did find the little white rabbit, but from that day forward, the children found colourful eggs hidden all over the kingdom. And some say, that every once in a while someone would find a golden one.


The End


How to spice up Easter for children?


You can set up a Easter egg Hunt that your children and their friends will love!


Simply print out this and follow the instructions below


Prior to the egg hunt or preferably the evening before, select and cut out the clues that you wish to use. 


Use as many or as few as are appropriate for your home, family and children.


Decide on the order of your Easter Egg hunt. Do you want your child to find all the inside clues first and then the outdoor ones or a mixture of the two?


Alternating the clues one inside, one outside or up and down stairs keeps the children busier for longer as they are scurrying all over the place!


Keep one clue with the welcome note from the Easter Bunny to start the hunt off.


Use this first clue to tell you where the next hiding place will be, go to it and hide 2 eggs with the next clue. 


Continue this until you get to the final clue, this should lead to the “See you next year” note from the Easter Bunny with perhaps a chocolate egg or Easter gift for the child.


Keep the welcome note and first clue to start you off.

When you are ready for the hunt to begin, explain that the Easter Bunny has visited and left a note! 


Read the welcome note aloud and discuss what a ‘pair’ is and talk about trying to listen for the rhymes in the clues. 


Read the first clue to your child . . . you are off.

Two little boys bobbing for apples in an inflatable pool in Alexandria


Read the first clue to your child emphasising the word at the end of the first line (the rhyme), and then do not say the word in bold at the end of the second line. Help your child to work out the missing rhyming word to find out where they have to go next. ie “Look outside, search a lot, Somewhere near a flower ***.” (pot).

Multicolored speckled Easter eggs in a basket on grass



Children will love this, thanks
Comment by Olivia on 7th February 2018
Great idea for my little ones, they will love this game!
Comment by Shannon on 6th February 2018
This will be perfect for my children during Easter! They will love this, will share and spread the word!!
Comment by Jack on 6th February 2018

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